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Pitchblack Playback: Jamiroquai ‘Emergency On Planet Earth’ 


7.30PM first screening | 9PM second screening, Thu 13 Oct 2022
Mini Cini

Pitchblack Playback is a series of listening sessions inviting the music-loving public to hear upcoming album releases and classic LPs like never before in cinemas and other intimate spaces.

Experience Jamiroquai’s incredible 1993 debut like never before at our immersive listening session in the dark in association with National Album Day 2022, for which it’s being reissued on coloured double vinyl. It’s just you and the music. Your sense of hearing is heightened when your vision is cut off and it only serves to make the music feel more intense. 

Pitchblack Playback isn’t aimed at audiophiles who will obsess over every last detail of the equipment used. It’s simply for lovers of damn good music who still value the album as an artform, who want to hear their favourite records and exclusive first plays on a big system with no distractions.

We use the Mini Cini at Ducie Street to bring you the best listening environment we can, umpiring the stereo or mono original recording to play through all the speakers in the room to create an immersive sound field to make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the music.





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