Pop Cultures: Dolly Parton


18:00-19:30, Tue 10 Dec 2019
£5, Booking Essential

Whether we think of ourselves as not interested in celebrity culture or voraciously consume the latest gossip, celebrity permeates so much of our everyday lives that we are inevitably touched by the ideas that circulate in it. Join Dr Kirsty Fairclough (University of Salford) for a relaxed and collaborative discussion as we examine why celebrity has so much to tell us about the wider values of the society in which we live.

In each event, we focus on one celebrity and explore the ideas and representations that circulate within them, with a focus on the continued importance of de-familiarising the everyday.

Second in the series is Dolly Parton, one of the most celebrated and widely-loved female artists of all time and a deceptively complex American figure. Underneath the big hair and rhinestones, Dolly is one of greatest American songwriters, a virtuoso musician, an actress and an entrepreneur. We explore how her larger-than-life persona makes her a great entertainer and her intelligence and authenticity make her an icon.

Pop Cultures is part of Thinking in Public, a series of public talks and discussions that embrace uncertainty and invite us to explore ideas together in an open, respectful and curious way, as an alternative to the brittle point-scoring, social media posturing and incendiary political rhetoric that we see so much of in public life. As these are public discussions, rather than debates, the purpose is to hear different points of view and explore different ideas, not to win an argument.

There are few guidelines….

No grandstanding please. No one or two people should dominate a discussion. If you have already voiced your ideas, let others speak.

Come in a spirit of openness. Seek to understand, before you seek to be understood.

Everyone is encouraged to participate, but it’s always OK to pass.

Be as objective and fair-minded as you can.

Chatham House Rules apply (this guarantees anonymity for everyone in the room

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