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PitchBlack PlayBack: Nirvana ‘MTV Unplugged In New York’


19:30, Tue 2 Aug 2022
Mini Cini

PitchBlack PlayBack is a series of listening sessions where people of all ages, tastes & backgrounds are invited to hear upcoming album releases and classic LPs like never before in our Mini Cini.

Experience one of Nirvana’s most legendary performances like never before at Pitchblack Playback’s immersive listening session in the dark. The 16-bit files will be upmixed to surround sound on Mini Cini’s cinema system for you to hear every nuance of this stunning record. No distractions; just you and the music. It’s counterintuitive, but listening to a live gig in the dark puts you there more than watching the film does…

In today’s stressful modern world, we all need spaces where we can cut ourselves off from the noise and distraction of daily life.

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